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David Hannigan specializes in helping clients with all their legal needs. He knows exactly what it takes to help with all kinds of legal problems. David Hannigan is dedicated to ensuring the care of all of his clients, and seeing that their legal needs are met and exceeded, at a price they can afford.

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  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate
  • Loan Modifications or Foreclosures
  • Criminal Law, DWI
  • Family Law
  • General Practice

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Bankruptcy Law & Services

You shouldn’t have to go into debt to file bankruptcy

Specializing in bankruptcy law and services, David Hannigan Law believes that one shouldn't have to go into debt to declare bankruptcy.

He offers practical legal solutions for bankruptcy chapter 7, and chapter 13. He also handles divorce, real estate, criminal law, DWI, loan modifications and foreclosures and general practice areas.

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